I just returned from a week spent in Southern California with my girlfriend Kayla, my grandpa, my parents, and we also met up with my cousins who live there. The trip was full of memorable moments. We did everything from hiking up a mountain, splashing in the surf, staying at a beautiful oceanfront home in Malibu (courtesy of our good friend Liz), and meeting up with old friends.

We started our trip in Dana Point where we stayed a few nights, an old surf town with luxury all around. It is hard to not notice the abundance of wealth packed into these coastal communities in SoCal. The beautiful ocean views and rugged coastline attract people from all over the world. The surfing community is also strongly knit into the social fabric of these towns. From Dana Point, to Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, and Malibu. The culture seems to be focused on things around the sea, which I love.

Kayla and I were blown away by some of the huge mansions overlooking Dana Point and Malibu. But I think what moved us more (thankfully) was the beauty of creation around us. During our week we hiked up a trail in the Santa Ynez Valley and witnessed stunning views. We spent time in wine country around Los Olivos where green rolling hills seemed to go on for miles. On the beach we were treated to incredible sunsets and warm breezes. We were blessed with a basically flawless trip!

We met up with my good friend Wes Austin and his friend Lillibea during our time as well. The two have been in California for the last few weeks spreading the gospel to college campuses around SoCal as full time missionaries.

We were also fortunate to stay with our good friend Liz, who lives in Malibu. Her house there is gorgeous. Situated on a rocky point, the house has 180 degree views of the Pacific ocean. I was amazed. Liz was so kind and gracious to let us stay with her for several nights, we hoped we did not over stay.

Our trip to California was incredible and I think photos and video do it more justice than my words can. See below for the visual story of our trip!