West is Best


West is Best

This month marks three years since I returned from an incredible trip to Western Australia. I reminisce often on my time spent there. The hot air and cold ocean was a contrast I welcomed. The sights, sounds, smells, and views of the West encompassed everything I thought it would be and more. Even now I can still feel the salt on my face and the scorching heat on my skin. 


One of the things about Aus that stood out to me were the people. They have a strange sense of humor, but above that they were friendly and free spirited. The culture is geared towards the ocean’s clock. Something I miss living in Toronto. School aged kids would surf from 5am till they got tired. Next to the little groms were the older middle aged guys whose skin was weathered from the sun and looked like they had seen their fair share of waves. These guys would come and surf for a few hours and take off around 8am to go to work. 

There are always similarities between cultures, but West Aus had a certain feel that made me wonder how I could carry that lifestyle back home. Indeed, I couldn’t and I miss it. Sometimes I think those feelings we receive when we’re travelling is something tangible we can grasp and take home. Of course they’re not, but sometimes I wish they were. And often when I am away I long to come back home, and when I am home I long to go back to wherever I came from. That is certainly not the way to think about it. But I cannot help myself sometimes.


Days spent dreaming of wild places brings angst to my mind even though I enjoy doing it. Replaying memories can feel like watching a movie, an escape from the every day routine. The unique thing is that I lived them and saw what I took pictures of. And yet those photos and memories seem like distant dreams. The angst forms when I doubt good things will happen in the future, or the incredible experiences of my past will haunt me as I struggle with the inevitable decline of age.

My ramblings may or may not have meaning, but I now have perspective on my experiences of the past given my faith in God and the peace He brings me. And given these dreamlike memories of mine, I do look forward to the new and exciting adventures I have yet to encounter. The doubts must be acknowledged, and then pushed aside.

Wild places like West Aus provoke deep thoughts in my mind and wonderings about life, and all the incomprehensible beauty waiting to be discovered, again, and again.

Peace and love.


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