One Year


One Year

The mind is easy to wander, to ebb and flow with the shifting seasons of life. The rain comes down as the leaves fall, soon to be covered with the pearly splendor of snow. We sing and laugh through the holiday season, until alas we’ve made it to a new year. 

I’m not sure why I wonder and think so strangely and intimately, but I am who I am. There are times when I wish I wouldn’t know things, so as to live in peace and harmony with ignorance. I pray God will reveal his purpose for me, still certainly, I do not know it. 

The snow melts and the wind calms. The ground thaws and surrenders to the sun. The earth sighs and breathes again, a new season upon us once more. The birds in the air flock and sing, the leaves grow and the children play. I wonder the meaning behind most things, until I am too weary to care. 

Then my strength returns, the season in full bloom as summer nears. The air is warm and people go out, dining and nourishing their pleasures. 

Summer has come! And what a beautiful sight to behold. I love the water lapping on shore, the trees bristling in the wind, and the sun warming her face as I behold the one I love. I look in her eyes and see a soul so tender, I wonder how God placed her in my arms. She is as strong as she is gentle, as brave as she is calm. I only long to see her face again. 

And so another year goes by, to make things old, anew. A refreshment of the senses and to my love I cry to thee. O God, I pray and sing, bring us comfort, peace and wisdom, and make people broken, a new creation. 

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