The Surreal

©Geoff Coombs

©Geoff Coombs

He stepped off the boat onto the sand and felt his feet sink. The sand was the softest he had ever felt, brilliantly white, reflecting the powerful tropical sun onto his face. He looked up to see the calm ocean. Beautiful and pristine. There was no sound, no distractions, no noise. Just himself in that moment looking out into the delicate beauty that lay before him. This is a place that has long since gone in the time of man. A true oasis in the vast expanse of civilization. 

He began to walk across the sand. The heat from the sun was powerful, beaming down on his head, yet he did not feel it. His conscious was occupied with comprehending the simple beauty around him. Step by step he felt further and further away from everything.

Moments in time often pass him by because he is not looking, not thinking, nor observing. In this moment though, he was present. The cerulean sky, tranquil ocean, and desolate stillness of this place blanketed his soul. Nature heals and strips him down to the core of who he is. The revealing of his character through exposure to remote places allows him to better himself, and enhance his own experience.

The immense ocean fills his soul and he will continue to seek it, for these moments are invaluable to the human experience.