Tobermory Shipwrecks

(All year)

This package includes tours to the classic sights of Tobermory. This is a great option for beginner divers who want to improve their diving and also see incredible shipwrecks. We’ll take you to the Alice G and the Sweepstakes shipwrecks, and depending on your goals, do some deeper diving as well to a maximum of 18m.

Half Way

(mid April - end of June)

Half Way Log Dump is a funny name, but it is one of the best dive sites in all of Ontario. In the spring months, the water is clear featuring beautiful ripples of sand contrasted by large boulders closer to shore. It is particularly stunning for photography. This place can be enjoyed by a beginner to the most advanced diver.

Ice Diving

(mid January - end of March)

Ice diving is the pinnacle of diving in Canada. The water in the winter months is cold, but beautiful. The surreal sights of the ice above your head as you dive down is something you’ll never forget. This experience caters to more advanced divers, or people with a high level of comfort in the water.

Come see where dreams meet reality.

About the Team


Andrew Ryzebol

Andrew has extensive experience in teaching beginner and intermediate divers on how to hold their breath longer, dive deeper, and remain calm in order to enjoy and appreciate diving. As a professional AIDA freediving instructor, he emphasizes safety while also pushing you to achieve your goals.

Quick Facts about Andrew:

Has dove to 61 meters in bi-fins (in 4 degree water)

Static breath hold of 7:10

One of the best divers in Canada


Geoff Coombs

Geoff has dived in some of the most exotic locations in the world and photographed the rich environments there. From the wild southern ocean of Western Australia, the clear waters of the Bahamas, to the ice covered water of Georgian Bay, Geoff is fully equipped to dive in many different conditions and capture powerful imagery for his clients.

Quick Facts about Geoff:

Has dove to 40 meters in bi fins (in the pitch black Muskoka Lakes)

Static breath hold of 5:24

International Sport Photographer of the Year, 2017